The Softnet Franchise Website System gives you everything you need to administer all facets of your franchise website.

Custom Designed for Your Needs

We build a custom solution for your company and franchise needs using our Franchise Website System to create an online user experience across mobile and desktop applications that reflects your brand and is targeted to your consumer base.

Our system ensures that your franchisees, products and services are showcased in a consistent, engaging manner while still allowing you full control over your content.

Custom Designed Websites

Mobile Devices

Our system is designed for mobile access, providing mobile visitors a rich experience tailored to smaller devices. At each step in the content editing process, you have the ability to choose how content is displayed on mobile devices for the best possible user experience.

Full Content Management

Handle your corporate website, franchise pages and even your franchise sales site from one place.

  • Everything under one roof: content, franchise pages, products and services, photo galleries, events, contact forms and much more.
  • Choose how you want your individual franchisees’ page or pages displayed and choose how much input to allow from franchisees.
  • Easily change content or structure of any page, share content across pages and between franchisees.

Brand Protection

Our system provides an environment where you control the content and appearance of all aspects of your website and can grant full or limited editing access to your franchisees, including an approval process to protect your brand. You choose the level of access on a global or case by case basis, giving you the ability to ‘outsource’ content editing to your franchisees while still maintaining the level of control over your brand that you desire.

Ease of Use

Flexible administrative tools allow you to quickly and easily update content and structure to match your growing needs.

  • No experience with HTML or special training is required.
  • Corporate administrators can easily update content, modify page structure or appearance, and grant access or approval for franchisee-submitted content.
  • Franchisees, at your discretion, can edit their pages and choose content and page layouts to best reach customers in their market area.

Locations, Locations, Locations

At the heart of our Franchise Website System is the location record, which is used to make detailed adjustments that dictate how that location is displayed to the public.

  • Choose the franchise information that gets displayed to the public globally, or on a case-by-case basis.
  • Display contact information, hours of operation, location or service area mapping, franchisee social links, franchise-specific introductions and more.
  • Show off the products and/or services best suited for each franchise’s customer base.
  • Display additional complimentary information such as photo galleries or event listings for each franchise.


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