Products and Services

Showcase your products and services with the Softnet Franchise Website System.

Using our Franchise Website System you can quickly and easily create appealing and effective pages for each of the products and/or services you offer.

No special skills or knowledge of HTML is required, and each product or service page is automatically created with SEO tools to help you capture the attention of Google and Bing.

Products and Services

Mix it Up

Once created, your product and service pages can be used with any of your franchise locations, establishing a mix of products and services targeted to the franchise's service area and customer base. Items can be added or removed easily to match consumer trends or seasonal needs, and the placement and emphasis of products and services can be updated by you or, at your discretion, your franchisees.

Showcase Your Products or Services

The Softnet Franchise Website System makes it extremely easy to create engaging content to present your products and services in the best possible light. Quickly and easily add images or videos to provide impact, add image galleries, backgrounds, feature lists, custom programming and much more with just a few keystrokes.


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