Page Editing

The Softnet CMS is designed to quickly and easily add professional looking pages with just a few clicks.


Our Content Management System gives you an easy interface to assist you in laying out your pages simply by dragging and dropping elements onto the page. Our system takes care of presentation and formatting so that your website always looks its best regardless of which type of device visitors use to reach you.

Page Editing

Easy to Use

Moving elements, managing placement, or adding rich content such as videos or photo galleries is a snap. Individual elements can be targets for different devices, and all elements are constructed to make use of your basic theme so that visitors experience a professional webpage. No special skills or knowledge of HTML is required on your end – our system takes care of it all.

A Wide Range of Features

The most commonly requested business features are built right in, so you can easily display and manage a blog, photo or video galleries, events calendars; post job listings, display testimonials, add a document library and much more. Everything is designed for ease of use and tuned on the front end to maximize your exposure to the search engines.


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