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Would you like your website to be perfectly readable whether your visitor is using a desktop, tablet or smartphone?

Now there’s a way.

How it Works

Fluid LayoutsSoftnet Fluid Layouts use the elements of Responsive Web Design to present your website in a manner which best fits the visitor’s browser size. Our layouts are based on manipulating the number of columns presented and the relative size ratios of the columns on your web pages to alter the structure dynamically based on available browser dimensions. As a screen size becomes smaller, the page will respond by narrowing the columns of text on the page, or by reducing the number of columns presented.

Using this approach, a three-column layout will display all three columns side-by-side on a desktop computer, but on a tablet will display only two columns and on a smartphone only one column. The text and content in the columns that are removed doesn’t disappear, it is simply moved to a new position below its original position so that all of your content is preserved and presented to the visitor in a readable format.

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We offer fluid layouts on all of our new sites, website upgrades and on our Softnet CMS system. Contact us for details.

Give it a Try Using this Webpage

Want to see it in action? Not a problem.

Desktops and laptops

If you are visiting this page using a desktop or laptop, first be sure that your browser window is not “maximized”. Then, grab the right border of your browser with your mouse, and move it to the left, narrowing the size of your browser window. As your browser window becomes narrower, watch as the columns also become narrower to accommodate the new size. Continue narrowing your browser window, and watch as three columns become two, and then ultimately one column. Pay particular attention to the images (like the one below). Note that they are also resizing themselves to maintain their size relative to the space available. This means that images will not push text off the page, nor will they force a tablet or smartphone to create an artificial size for your webpage to accommodate image widths.

Fluid Layout

Mobile devices

If you are viewing this page on a tablet or smartphone, try rotating your device from landscape to portrait orientation or vice-versa. Watch as the page width and image sizes adjust themselves to match the width of the screen. If you are using a high-resolution tablet such as an iPad 3 you should also see the layout change from a three-column to a two-column layout as you rotate your device.

The Need for Something Else

The proliferation of mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets and netbooks has presented a problem for web developers – how to fit all of that content into the smaller screen sizes without losing visitors due to frustration at cumbersome navigation and viewing sizes.  Having to constantly double-tap or pinch your mobile device’s screen to zoom in or out of a web page in order to read the content is frustrating to the point of making mobile web viewing a chore.

The problem originates with mobile browsers. In order to give their users a sense of what is on an entire web page that they happen to visit, the mobile browsers have been responding by simply shrinking the size of the web page down so that it fits the mobile device’s screen size from left to right. You’ve seen this often. Shrinking a page this way reduces font sizes to the point that they are unreadable without having to constantly zoom in and out to read various parts of a web page.

And don’t even get us started on filling out online forms using a smartphone.

Larger companies often responded by creating one or two mobile websites – websites which are sized specifically to deal with the smaller screen sizes and offer visitors a comfortable browsing experience with no zooming or flicking the page from side to side. This was a viable response, but it required sometimes quirky browser detection scripts, plus a huge duplication of content.

Early in 2012 a new approach began to emerge called Responsive Web Design (RWD). This approach takes advantage of new features in the HTML and CSS languages as well as browser capabilities to allow the website to automatically respond to screen size; formatting content in a manner which responds to the visitor’s browser so that they are presented with text and images which are easily viewable with no side-to-side scrolling and no zooming.


Softnet Fluid Layouts and SEO

In June of 2012, Google announced guidelines and recommendations on mobile SEO, recommending Responsive Web Design whenever possible. Google will take note of the fact that your Fluid Layout website is available to smartphones, tablets and laptops/desktops alike.

Our Fluid Layouts use Responsive Web Design to structure your website from the inside out, and permeate all parts of your site so that every page meets the guidelines recommended by Google. That includes all new imstallations of our Content Management System, including all core fearures and add-on components so that everything from your blog to your shopping cart is fully capable of being used on any device without distracting zooming and resizing.

Search Engine Optimization

Getting on the Internet is just half of the equation. Getting your website noticed is the other half. There are literally billions of web pages out there covering every imaginable subject and in every language. Making sure your web site gets noticed by the search engines among all of these pages helps drive business towards your company.

Your website may do a great job of introducing your company or making the phone ring, but if people cannot find your website easily you are losing potential business. We can help put your website in the top pages of the search engine results, increasing traffic to your website and thereby helping your website to increase sales.

Whether you have an existing website or are starting from scratch, read our search engine optimization pages for tips on improving your exposure, and information on what we can do to help.

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