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While we provide website design services, we rely on our clients to provide the content. You know your own products and services, as well as your clients and customers best, which puts you in the best position to provide content. We will assist in any way we can with design elements such as stock photos, clip art and features to assist you in making the best presentation possible. We will also help you with ideas, based on our experience with site design, to help you structure your website to the best effect for both visitors and search engines.

Editing Your Own Website

Editing Your Own ContentOne of the questions we are asked most often is whether we can design a site that permits you to add content, update images, maintain a calendar or photo gallery, or some other form of collaboration.

The answer is yes.

Depending on the type of site you want, and its structure, we can set up your pages so that you can directly edit elements on the pages, or edit them through a dedicated set of administration pages residing in the "back end" of your web site.

There are some limitations to the areas of a particular web page that you can edit depending on the type of design we use or the template we select. The limitations have to do with maintaining the integrity of the design, maintaining the compliance of the website to HTML standards, and/or maintaining an effective search engine promotion strategy. By and large, however, you can have control over the content areas of your web pages, even including the menus and banner images.

Content is King

Content is KingOn any website, the more information and detail you can provide, the more useful your site will be to visitors and search engines alike. Potential customers and clients will appreciate the additional information they may require before taking their next step towards purchasing your product or service. The more detail you can provide, the further you can take your visitors towards a purchasing decision.

In addition, search engines love content. Their servers scan every website, cataloging and indexing each and every word on a website and adding them to their index. The more content you have on your website, the more opportunities you have to establish rankings with the search engines. For more information on search engines, including tips and tricks for attaining higher rankings, visit our search engine optimization pages.

Keeping Content Fresh

Keeping Content FreshBoth search engines and visitors appreciate accurate, up-to-date information, so it is important that you do not let your website become stale. Search engines will take less and less interest in your website as time goes by, and visitors will wonder whether yours is a substantial and serious business. Remember, your website is your online storefront, and visitors will judge you based on how well your storefront is presented.

We can assist you with keeping your content fresh by designing a website that is easy to update and maintain. The method we recommend for maintaining content will depend to a certain degree on the type of website you want, and certain websites may have multiple methods whereby you are able to add or edit pages, upload images or videos, or add features such as a newsletter, blog or contact form.

What to Look Out For

Very often, the type of content visitors respond to and the type of content search engines respond to come into conflict. It is important, therefore, to use design and formatting techniques from the outset which will appeal to both types of visitor.

Search engines respond only to words. Images, movies, Flash animations and other graphical content are meaningless to search engines. On the other hand, people often do respond well to graphics. A photo, chart or animation can sometimes say more at a glance than can be said in several paragraphs. Graphic elements can reinforce concepts, provide valuable product information or establish complex relationships. The trick, then, is to design the site in such a way that both needs are satisfied.

As we describe more fully in the search engine optimization section, the value a search engine places on your website depends on your keyword selection to a large degree. In terms of your content, it is therefore important to choose your words carefully, placing emphasis on those keywords and phrases which you are targeting. Placing keywords in your headings, in bullet lists and in links all have a incremental positive effect on your overall ranking, as does the distribution of keywords throughout your website.

Softnet Fluid Layouts

Your website, presented perfectly on any size screen.

Fluid Layouts

Softnet Fluid Layouts use the elements of Responsive Web Design to present your website in a manner which best fits the visitor’s browser size. As a screen size becomes smaller, the page will respond by narrowing the columns of text on the page, or by reducing the number of columns presented.

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