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Turn your website into a showcase for your business.

Our Fluid Layouts ensure that your website will look as good and navigate just as easily on a smartphone as it does on a desktop. That's Responsive Web Design.

Your New Homepage

Your website should have impact. As the world's window into your company, your website should immediately reassure visitors that your company is one they can trust. First impressions are lasting ones, and your website is your chance to create a good first impression with customers, clients and vendors.

Your website should also be effective. It should provide visitors with a clear and concise path to their objective, whether that objective is information, contact with your company, purchasing a product or service, or interacting with the website in some way.


Your content defines your website, both for your visitors and for the search engines. Learn why content is so important to your search engine rankings, and how we can help.

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If your organization requires the input of a number of individuals to maintain your site, we can help you establish a framework which permits collaboration, tracks changes and maintains an audit trail for administrators.

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Content Management

Our Content Management System puts you in control of your website. Everything from simple text to  advanced features can be managed through one simple control panel.

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Custom Designs

Your website says a lot about your company and can create a valuable first impression. Our custom designs can help give your website the impact you need to encourage visitors to dig more deeply into your website.

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Softnet Fluid Layouts

Your website, presented perfectly on any size screen.

Fluid Layouts

Softnet Fluid Layouts use the elements of Responsive Web Design to present your website in a manner which best fits the visitor’s browser size. As a screen size becomes smaller, the page will respond by narrowing the columns of text on the page, or by reducing the number of columns presented.

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Search Engine Optimization

Getting on the Internet is just half of the equation. Getting your website noticed is the other half. There are literally billions of web pages out there covering every imaginable subject and in every language. Making sure your web site gets noticed by the search engines among all of these pages helps drive business towards your company.

Your website may do a great job of introducing your company or making the phone ring, but if people cannot find your website easily you are losing potential business. We can help put your website in the top pages of the search engine results, increasing traffic to your website and thereby helping your website to increase sales.

Whether you have an existing website or are starting from scratch, read our search engine optimization pages for tips on improving your exposure, and information on what we can do to help.

Softnet Data Services

Softnet Data Services provides a wide range of website services including website design, web application programming, hosting and search engine optimization.

Our proprietary Content Management System (CMS) has been built from the ground up to provide a full range of features in a custom-installed package.

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