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Putting your website out there is half the job; getting noticed by the search engines is the next part. Having an "invisible" web site is a little like having an unlisted business phone number.

What is Optimization?

Preparing and optimizing your website for the search engines is at least as important as the site design itself. If you have a web site, the simple fact is that you need to have good placement on the search engines. Having a website that does not register on the search engines is a little like having a business telephone with an unlisted number. Achieving and maintaining high rankings is an ongoing task and requires a good knowledge of how search engines determine your site's rankings.

Search Engine Optimization begins from the ground up. A successful website will have an underlying design and structure designed to make it easier for the search engines to index your site. Its content will reflect the keywords and phrases which people conducting searches will use to find organizations like yours, and the page elements themselves - images, headings, links, etc. - will reinforce those words and phrases. A successful website, in other words, will have search engine optimization as a consideration in all aspects of its design, structure and content.

We will work closely with you to identify the top search phrases for your business and will assist you in modifying your content as needed to exploit those terms. Our websites themselves are designed with SEO in mind, from the layout, to the menu, and to the structure. We use design and programming techniques which help streamline pages so that they are easily readable by search engine crawlers. Finally, we will assist you in tagging your website to your best advantage – using headings, bullet lists, internal links and image tags to help supplement and compliment the search phrases identified for your website.

Google Sitemaps

Google introduced a method for website owners to notify them of changes or additions to their website, as well as to inform them of the website's overall page structure.

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Paid vs. Organic Listings

Paid search engine listings can often offer a quick alternative to natural or organic listings, and can be used to help you raise your visibility either temporarily or on an ongoing basis depending on your needs and budget.

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Softnet Data Services

Softnet Data Services provides a wide range of website services including website design, web application programming, hosting and search engine optimization.

Our proprietary Content Management System (CMS) has been built from the ground up to provide a full range of features in a custom-installed package.

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