eCommerceeCommerce Solutions

The Softnet CMS offers a complete shopping cart and checkout system to those companies wishing to use their websites to sell products or services directly to visitors. Our e-commerce solution is customized for each installation to meet your particular needs and to provide your customers with a smooth shopping experience. Quoted on request.


The Softnet CMS eCommerce add-on includes support for an unlimited number of product categories, each capable of supporting an unlimited number of subcategories. This architecture gives you the ability to set up complex menu trees of categories and subcategories to meet almost any requirement. Each category can contain products, further subcategories, or a combination of the two, and you have flexible options for determining how the contents of each category page are displayed, and how the page itself is structured. Search, sort and filtering tools can be displayed or hidden as needed.

Product DetailsProduct Detail Pages

Each product detail page can be individually tailored to your needs - by you - using the Softnet CMS eCommerce administration area. You can choose the basic structure and layout of the page depending on the product type, and choose to show or hide various features depending on your needs. Product pages can also draw from a default type associated with their category specifications, so that you have the ultimate flexibility of being able to set up a default layout for a group of products, and then individually tailor specific product pages to deal with needs particular to that product or product type.

UPS and FedEx ShippingUPS and FedEx Integration

The eCommerce add-on can fully interact with the UPS and FedEx servers to obtain real-time shipping costs for virtually any type of shipment. You can also opt to use fixed-price shipping on a per item or per shipment basis, or a sliding scale based on overall purchase totals. If you elect to use the real-time quotes, your customers can be presented with the full range of shipment options from either carrier, or just with those options that you permit (such as ground and two-day air). Your customer is fully aware of their shipping charges before they check out.

Payment CapturePayment Capture

The Softnet CMS eCommerce add-on is programmed to work with either PayPal or payment services, allowing you to capture payments at the time of sale. Optionally, the system can pre-authorize a purchase at checkout and capture the payment at a later time, such as when the order ships. We can also provide support for other merchant providers as needed. Additional options for the initiation of subscription payments, installment payments, refunds or cancellations are also available.

Back-End SupportBack-End Support

The Administration area of the Softnet CMS provides access to every order and customer record, and permits you to make adjustments as needed to any order. Back-end support for payment processing, adjustments and refunds is available, as well as shipping adjustments. Special needs, such as delivery scheduling for service businesses, invoicing, estimates, rental or lease items, software downloads and online support services can also be accommodated on request.

The Softnet Content Management System Includes:

Page Editing

Search Engine Optimization

Customer Relationship Manager

Standard Features


Franchise and Multi-Location Organizations

Custom Features

Fully interactive custom features are available to your specifications and requirements. We can integrate almost any functionality into the CMS, providing you with seamless front-end operation and full back-end support. Simply tell us what you want your website to do, and let us help get you there.

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