Content Management System Standard FeaturesContent Management System:
Standard Features

The Softnet CMS has a variety of built-in features to help you deliver website content to your visitors that is both effective and attractive. Most of the features below are ready to go when you are, but some require a little customization to your particular needs and website design at no extra charge.


BlogOur blog feature allows you to add one or more blogs to your website, providing you with a quick and easy means of conveying timely information to your visitors. Each blog is equipped with an search feature, an archive and can be customized by you to display avatars, permanent links, social links, keywords, related posts and more.



CouponsIf you regularly offer coupons or discounts through your regular marketing channels (print, radio, TV), the coupon feature can help you maintain the same discounts on your website in a format and manner familiar to visitors. Accessible by any visitor who visits the page, these coupons are meant to serve as a printable version of your published coupons elsewhere, and can complement your ongoing marketing.



EventsIf your business regularly attends or holds events, the event calendar can help visitors connect with you. You can use the events calendar to inform visitors of sales or promotional events at your business locations, or to let them know where and when your company may be appearing at trade shows, conferences or business fairs.


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked QuestionsOur FAQ module is designed to give you a simple, flexible way to present your visitors with questions and answers. You can set up as many categories as you need, and drop FAQ modules throughout your website, each one dealing with a specific category or set of categories.


Photo Gallery

Photo GalleryThe photo gallery is a flexible Flash gallery which permits the creation of an unlimited number of categories, each with an unlimited number of photos. There are several gallery sizes to choose from, ranging from a simple image rotator for 1/3-width columns, up to a full width gallery with category selection and thumbnails built-in. You are able to customize each gallery’s operation, and you can place independent galleries on any page, each with their own image sets, or combination of image sets.



LibraryThe Softnet CMS has document, image and video libraries available if your company needs to make available a large number of files for visiting users. The libraries can be set up by you to include an unlimited number of categories, each with an unlimited number of files, and you are also able to control the appearance and operation of the libraries. You can place libraries on as many pages as you need, each with its own set of files.



NewsIf your company is in the news frequently, you can draw attention to articles or reports about you through the Softnet CMS News feature. This module lets you add links to outside websites, pull content into your website, add sample content and organize stories, among other features.



NewslettersUse the Softnet CMS Newsletter module to stay in touch with your opt-in mail list. Newsletters are custom formatted to match your new website graphics, and set up by us to be effective and professional-looking marketing tools. The Newsletter module works hand-in-hand with subscribe and un-subscribe tools built into the website, and you can maintain your lists easily in the Softnet CMS administration area.


News Scroller

News ScrollerThe News Scroller provides you with a quick and attractive way to place emphasis on short messages that you want to get in front of your visitors. Each scroller is custom designed to blend in with your overall design and you can customize each instance of the News Scroller to display a preselected group of messages.


Press Releases

Press ReleasesIf your company uses press releases as part of your overall marketing or SEO strategy, the Press Release module offers you a quick and easy way of organizing and displaying your press releases to your visitors.



TestimonialsCustomer testimonials are a powerful marketing tool for most businesses, helping to introduce your company and services to visitors new to your website as well as reassuring them with respect to your professionalism and honesty. Testimonials can help make a positive first impression on visitors who land on your website from one of the search engines or other referral network.


The Softnet Content Management System Includes:

Page Editing

Search Engine Optimization

Customer Relationship Manager

Standard Features


Franchise and Multi-Location Organizations

Custom Features

Fully interactive custom features are available to your specifications and requirements. We can integrate almost any functionality into the CMS, providing you with seamless front-end operation and full back-end support. Simply tell us what you want your website to do, and let us help get you there.

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