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The Softnet Content Management System offers several features to assist you with your search engine optimization efforts, whether you intend to tackle it yourself or hire an SEO professional to take care of it for you. Content is the primary driver of high search engine returns, and we provide tools to assist you in evaluating and maintaining your content, as well as taking care of other elements such as your sitemap, title & meta tags, and social networking.

Editing Meta Tags

Editing Meta TagsMeta tags are invisible markup elements on an HTML page, intended to be read by computers, but hidden from your visitors. From an SEO standpoint, meta tags are used to provide description and keyword information, as well as to point the search engines to your sitemap or even to restrict a search engine from indexing a particular page. As of 2009, both Google and Yahoo have quit using the keywords meta tag in their indexing and ranking, but other search engines and indexes may still afford it some importance. The description tag is used by all three major search engines, as well as most others, and keyword placement in the description tag can have an appreciable effect on overall page rankings, and can also directly affect your click-through rates. Almost all search engines recommend that your description tag be less than 156 characters in length. To learn more about these tags and SEO strategies in general, click here.

The Softnet CMS makes it easy for you to manage your meta tags, providing an easy interface which permits you to both tag edit content as well as manipulate the order in which they appear.

Google Sitemaps

Google SitemapsYour website’s Sitemap is an XML file that informs search engines about URL’s on your website that are available for indexing, as well as additional information such as the relative importance of each page, the last page update, and how often the page is updated. Sitemaps were introduced by Google in 2005 and have since been adopted by every major search engine as part of their site indexing.

The Softnet CMS allows you to quickly and individually provide the information which makes up your sitemap, without having to know XML. In addition, the CMS keeps track of your content editing and automatically updates the last save date for each page without you having to keep track of it so that a fresh and accurate sitemap is presented to the search engines each and every time they visit your website.

Webpage Titles

Webpage TitlesThe webpage title is an extremely important element on every page, and is often used by the search engines as the heading for your search engine return. The more direct, informative and enticing you can make your page titles to individuals searching for your company, the better your chances of encouraging people to visit your pages. Keyword placement within your titles is an important part of your overall SEO strategy as well, particularly choosing keywords which reinforce the content and theme of your overall page.

The Softnet CMS permits you to view and edit all of your page titles in one convenient table, making it easy for you to evaluate and review your page titles individually, or as a group.

Page Analysis

Page AnalysisThe Softnet CMS offers a page analysis feature to assist you in evaluating your page content from the perspective of the search engines. The Page Analyzer provides a visual tag cloud which can be easily read at a glance to see how a search engine will evaluate the words on your page in terms of frequency and position. This information can be used by you to shape your content around your primary search terms and phrases, making your page more attractive to the search engines when they visit. The Page Analyzer can be used by either you or your SEO contractor as part of your ongoing SEO efforts.

The Page Analyzer can evaluate each of your content elements separately, or can provide you with an overall page score for the page as a whole. You can also examine your key hidden and meta tags (title, description and keywords) as a group or individually.

Social Networking

Social NetworkingThe social networking feature of the Softnet CMS gives you control over your social networking links at either the site level or the page level. You can establish a default set of social networking links for the entire site, and then choose on a page-by-page basis whether to display the default set of links, a custom set of links for that particular page, or no links at all. If you have an account with, you can even access analytics on how your site is faring on the social networks by making use of their service and custom code snippets.

Content Ageing

Content AgeingOne of the most mundane tasks for any business owner is maintaining fresh content on their website, even though Google, Bing and Yahoo all state that fresh content is a key factor in rankings. Fresh content will not overcome a poorly chosen or executed keyword strategy, but content freshness will have an impact on your rankings.

To this end, the Softnet CMS provides you with an organized list of the content throughout your website along with the date it was last modified. You can use this list to determine which pages require a little attention in order to keep your content fresh. A reminder system is also available to remind you of which pages require attention when you first log into the CMS.

The Softnet Content Management System Includes:

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Custom Features

Fully interactive custom features are available to your specifications and requirements. We can integrate almost any functionality into the CMS, providing you with seamless front-end operation and full back-end support. Simply tell us what you want your website to do, and let us help get you there.

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