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The ability to add, delete or edit pages is at the heart of the Softnet Content Management System, whether you have one website, multiple websites, or multiple offices or locations. Our system allows you to add, delete or edit pages, plus work with all page content, from one convenient spot, giving you a convenient overview of your website as well as a simple interface for editing it.

Page Content

Page ContentEditing page content is the primary focus of the CMS, and we’ve made it as easy as possible to maintain and edit content from one easy location. The system starts with a diagrammatic representation of your page, showing you the relative location and status of various page elements. You can drag and drop page elements within the page to achieve the look you want for your web page, applying styles and formatting as needed to establish just the right appearance and impact.

Adding elements to a page is a simple two-click process – just choose the type of element you wish to add (text content, rich media content, system/programmable content) and then move it to the appropriate position on the page. Virtually every webpage on your site is fully editable and customizable, giving you a great deal of control over presentation.

Content Editing

Content EditingMost of the work you do on your website will be accomplished with our content editor, which allows you to choose the appearance and layout container that you want to use for your content, as well as providing a rich HTML editor for content editing.  You can also choose whether your content can be made available to other pages within your website – a handy option if you want to create just one contact box, for instance, but use it on multiple pages.  When you edit reusable content on one page, that content is updated throughout your website automatically.

The HTML editor itself gives you a great deal of control and flexibility over your content, while attempting to provide you with formatting limits which keep your website content looking professional and clean.  The HTML editor can be used to add simple text, more complex elements such as bullet lists and tables, as well as rich media elements such as images, Flash and videos.  You can preview your work before publishing, and even dig down into the HTML markup itself to add your own custom formatting or content elements.


RedirectsAs your website evolves, it may become necessary to delete old pages, rename them or move them from their original locations.  Doing so can create problems with the search engines until they have had a chance to catch up with your new content or page structure, and occasionally old pages become “stuck” in the search engine indexes for years, directing visitors to pages which have long since moved or been superseded by new pages.  Redirects are a way of informing the search engines of your changing structure, and instructing them as to where they can find updated or replacement content.

Our CMS makes it simple to manage redirects, whether the page you are redirecting from is an older HTML page from a previous version of your website, or a prior location with the CMS itself.  You can redirect to a page, to a file location (such as a PDF or Word document), or to another website altogether.  You can also inform the search engine if it is a permanent redirect, or if it a temporary one and they should continue to check the URL periodically.

Document Manager

Document ManagerThe Document Manager acts like a file manager on a computer, and is designed to let you add or remove all types of files – images, documents, videos, and more.  Any file you add to your website folders can then be added to your web pages using links, allowing your visitors to download or view your files.

Image Manager

Image ManagerThe Image Manager is a quick and easy online image editor that you can use to perform simple editing tasks on images you have uploaded.  You can upload new images into the Image Manager or work with images which are already in your folders – even images which are already being displayed live on your site.

The image manager permits you to crop, resize or rotate images, add text to an image, or even overlay or inset one image over another to create a new, combined image.  You can save your changes directly to the image you are working on from your file system or webpage, or you can save your changes under a new file name, preserving the original image and creating a new one for use on your website.

Image Uploader

Image UploaderThe Image Uploader allows you to upload images for use on your website, either singly or in batches of up to 50 MB at a time.  The uploader will place the images in the appropriate folder for use in either your website pages or for use in an image gallery. When uploading images for general use on your website, the Image Uploader will automatically resize each image for a perfect fit on your page, regardless of column size.  You simply upload one or more images using the uploader, and the system will place the images in the appropriate folders and make them available to you through the content editor. When uploading gallery images for use in photo galleries on your website, the system resizes the images to match the specifications for the various column widths available on your website.  Your uploaded gallery images are then inserted into your gallery and ready for immediate display on your website.  Your website can have as many galleries as you wish, displayed on any page you wish, each one displaying a different image collection, your entire image collection, or a blend of specific images depending on which page the gallery sits.

The Softnet Content Management System Includes:

Page Editing

Search Engine Optimization

Customer Relationship Manager

Standard Features


Franchise and Multi-Location Organizations

Custom Features

Fully interactive custom features are available to your specifications and requirements. We can integrate almost any functionality into the CMS, providing you with seamless front-end operation and full back-end support. Simply tell us what you want your website to do, and let us help get you there.

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