Multi-Location OrganizationsOptions for Multi‐Location Organizations

The Softnet CMS offers support for multiple locations in organizations with dealer networks, franchises, sales offices or chapters. The degree of integration with the main website depends on the needs of the organization, ranging from simple landing pages to expanded page listings on the main website, to full websites for each location managed from a central control panel.


For organizations with multiple offices, franchise companies or dealer networks, the Softnet CMS can be set up to handle a variety of scenarios, including individual landing pages, location‐specific content, and even multiple websites or sitelets, managed from the same installation.

These are custom applications, for the most part, with each installation requiring a certain degree of individual programming to meet the specific needs of the website owner. The CMS can be implemented to handle virtually any need, including installation options to deal with a variety of front‐end scenarios simultaneously, which gives you the flexibility to tailor the solution that best fits your organization’s needs, or to offer your dealer network or franchisees a choice in how they want their pages managed or displayed.

Location RecordThe Location Record

Location records provide the basis for this feature, and each location record can have as much or as little information attached to it as needed. Records and instructions provided in the back end are used to construct the front end of your website, providing visitors with detailed lists, landing pages with editable content or separate branded websites in the case of dealer/franchise networks or organizations with chapters or sub-chapters who need or wish to maintain a substantial amount of location-specific information for their visitors.

Impact on SearchImpact on Search Engine Optimization

Localization has become an increasingly important element in search results for both Google and Bing as the two major search engines attempt to deliver the most relevant results to their search customers. Location pages within your website provide the search engines with the connections they require to relate your business to particular geographic regions and thereby increase your overall exposure in the areas you operate in. Fully branded and separate location websites (or sitelets) increase your local exposure by providing the search engines with an increased concentration of keywords related to your geographic regions, and can essentially supercharge your exposure in those regions where you elect to use sitelets.

Information SharingInformation Sharing

In addition to the location records, each location can be programmed with access to common or generic information made available through the primary website, programmed to permit the location manager to access and edit their own content, or programmed with some combination of access rules. Individual locations can be granted varying levels of access as well, for increased flexibility.

Locations can be programmed to have access to other parts of the CMS as well, such as events calendars, testimonials, newsletters and so forth. Custom modules can be added to suit your specific needs.

Finally, locations can share or subscribe to information made available through the main website, or as part of a data store of information available to all or certain locations. Access can be assigned individually, globally, or by creating and managing groups of locations with differing levels of access based on the needs of the organization or the level of competence or interest of the location manager.


The entire system is under one roof, whether you choose to display simple location landing pages on the front-end of your website, or you choose to provide a fully functional website for each location. The administration area provides the accesss tools for corporate administration of location content and format, as well as providing more limited access for location managers to contribute to their location's content. The Softnet CMS is built from the ground up to handle multiple locations and/or websites, so the integration is seamless.

The Softnet Content Management System Includes:

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Standard Features


Franchise and Multi-Location Organizations

Custom Features

Fully interactive custom features are available to your specifications and requirements. We can integrate almost any functionality into the CMS, providing you with seamless front-end operation and full back-end support. Simply tell us what you want your website to do, and let us help get you there.

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