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The Softnet CMS offers an easy, lightweight Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) to assist you in interacting with potential sales leads generated through your website. The CRM can track contacts through your online forms, generate automated responses and follow-ups to their inquiries, remind you to follow up on specific issues, and present you with an organized list of possible sales leads and their potential interest in your product or service. The CRM can also help track simple estimates and jobs, maintain a task list and calendar, and provide charts to help you visualize how effective your web-based customer tracking is, whether your company is a home office or a franchise with hundreds of locations.

Website Contacts

Website ContactsThe Customer Relationship Manager begins with your website contact forms. Each time a contact form is completed an e-mail notification is sent to you and the contact details are recorded in the database. You can have as many contact forms throughout your website as you wish, and Softnet can provide any type of custom form you may require. Forms can be used by you to permit visitors to request additional information on your products or services, request a catalog or quote, request a callback, or any number of other types of request. We provide a general request for with every site setup which can be used on multiple pages, if you wish, and we can program additional form types as needed.


Website ContactsWithin the CRM, sales leads can be added by you directly, or they can be added using information provided on your website contact forms. When you create a lead, you have the option of assigning a task or group of tasks to that particular lead, such as a series of follow-up e-mails or phone calls to be scheduled over a given time period. The Softnet CMS will remind you of scheduled tasks each time you log into the system.

Leads can be organized by the type of service or product they are interested in and by their level of interest (or their potential for a sale).


Website ContactsTasks are used to assign specific activities to be accomplished. A task can be associated with a lead, such as a scheduled follow-up to a product inquiry three months after the initial contact. The CMS can even send off a pre-programmed follow-up e-mail, asking if the potential lead is still interested in your product or service. Tasks can also be used as reminders for a variety of other types of activities related to the CRM, such as job estimates or after-sale customer satisfaction evaluations.

Tasks can also be set up as groups. For instance, if you wanted to set up a standard set of responses to a website request for more information, you could program the CMS to send off a series of follow-up e-mails at intervals you choose, such as 10, 30, 60 and 180 days from the initial contact. Each e-mail could be slightly different in terms of content, but each one an attempt to rekindle the person’s interest in your product or service. The Softnet CMS can be set up to handle scenarios like this, or any other type of scheduled series of events or tasks that fits your particular business needs.


Website ContactsWithin the Customer Relationship Manager, sales leads can be organized by their relative potential for a sale. You are able to assign a level of interest to each lead, and can edit the interest level based on any subsequent communications. In addition, the CRM will gradually diminish the lead’s interest level over time (using criteria that you provide) so that a 6-month old lead will register a lower level of interest than a 2-day old lead.

In this way, an opportunity list can be generated for you which shows the relative level of interest (estimated and calculated) of each lead in the system. The list can be used by you as a contact list to ensure that you remain in contact with your most promising leads, and that no potential lead “falls through the cracks”.

Estimates and Jobs

Website ContactsFor some companies, the estimates and jobs feature of the Customer Relationship Manager may be useful to help organize and monitor operations. The CRM can keep track of jobs at one location or hundreds, and can be fully customized to meet your particular needs. We can provide cost itemization, sales summaries and charts, full mapping integration and much more. Just tell us what you need.

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Customer Relationship Manager

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Fully interactive custom features are available to your specifications and requirements. We can integrate almost any functionality into the CMS, providing you with seamless front-end operation and full back-end support. Simply tell us what you want your website to do, and let us help get you there.

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