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Take control of your website.

From start to finish, the Softnet CMS was designed for business websites like yours. Our tools and features work with you to deliver high-impact, user-friendly websites.

The Softnet CMS

Softnet Content Management SystemThe Softnet Content Management System provides a fully customized approach to website management for your business. Our CMS offers a wide range of standard features and we offer the flexibility of customizing each installation to our customers’ specific needs, from design to operation to interactivity. You website does what you want, how you want.

Each installation is pre-loaded with several standard features that are fully customized to dovetail seamlessly into the design we create for you. In addition, you can choose to add eCommerce, Customer Relationship Management and multi-location or franchise management. If your needs require additional programming or development, we can fully program and install solutions to whatever your operating needs may be, matching your workflow and providing you with a front and back end that specifically meets your requirements.

The administration portion of the Softnet Content Management System fully integrates all aspects of your front-end operations into one convenient place. All features and add-ons work seamlessly with one another, reducing the number of steps necessary to perform activities related to the core CMS and its add-ons.


Fluid Layouts

Fluid Layouts | Responsive Web DesignSoftnet is proud to be one of the first business content management systems to offer Responsive Web Design. Our Fluid Layout works behind the scenes to give you the same high-quality browsing experience on a smartphone or tablet as you get on a desktop or laptop. No more zooming in or out to read text, to more double-tapping or pinching your screen. Everything on the page is laid out to take advantage of the screen size of the visitor.

Go ahead and try it out now, using any page on this website. Note that there is no side-to-side scrolling, no squinting or zooming, just well-formatted text and images. Mobile browsing just got a lot easier.

The Softnet Content Management System fully adapts Responsive Web Design into its core. All of our basic features and standard add-ons are designed to display perfectly on anything from an Android to an iPad to a wide-screen desktop computer. From blogs to eCommerce, your visitors will appreciate the ease with which they can navigate and interact with your website.

Content Management Systems

A Content Management System (CMS) provides a fully-featured front-end website which is controlled by a separate back-end website. Website owners or employees use the back-end site to set up pages, add or edit content, add features such as blogs, event calendars and so forth, all in an easy-to-understand question and answer format. Just decide what you want, fill in the blanks, and your work immediately and automatically appears on the public, or front-end, side of your web site. Content management systems can be flexible enough to deal with any site design or structure - this website, for instance, is built on our own CMS that we have created expressly for our customers.

CMS Operation

Working with a Content Management System is as easy as filling in forms on special web pages which in turn take the information and text you provide and present it in your public web pages. A CMS permits you to add or remove pages, edit page content and layout, add images, Flash, videos, and work with more sophisticated elements in your web site such as blogs, customer testimonials, news and press releases, and much more. Our CMS also provides you with the ability to edit and send out e-mail newsletters, manage your website’s contact forms and monitor their usage, construct calendars of events to keep customers and visitors informed of important dates, and more.

In the private side of your website you have all of the tools necessary to customize the public side of your web site. For most operations, a few clicks of the mouse is all you need. The ability to update the content on your website will make your website much more useful for your visitors as you respond to changes in the market or changes within your company; these same updates also make your website more attractive to the search engines in their quest to root out the freshest and most relevant information possible for any given search term.

The Softnet Content Management System Includes:

Page Editing

Search Engine Optimization

Customer Relationship Manager

Standard Features


Franchise and Multi-Location Organizations

Custom Features

Fully interactive custom features are available to your specifications and requirements. We can integrate almost any functionality into the CMS, providing you with seamless front-end operation and full back-end support. Simply tell us what you want your website to do, and let us help get you there.

Softnet Data Services

Softnet Data Services provides a wide range of website services including website design, web application programming, hosting and search engine optimization.

Our proprietary Content Management System (CMS) has been built from the ground up to provide a full range of features in a custom-installed package.

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